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The See of Limerick (1400 - 1850)

From Chapter XXIV of 'History of the Irish Hierarchy' by Fr. Thomas Walsh:

Cornelius O'Dea, archdeacon of Killaloe, succeeded in 1400. Having presided twenty six years he resigned in order to lead a private life. He died on the 27th of July 1434 and was buried in his own cathedral under a monument of black marble adorned with his effigy.

John Motthel, an Augustin canon of Kells in the county of Kilkenny, succeeded in 1426 by provision of Pope Martin V and was the same year restored to the temporals. John governed the see almost thirty two years resigned in 1458 and died in the year of grace 1468.

William Creagh, a native of Limerick, succeeded in 1458 by provision of the Pope and was consecrated the year after. He sat about thirteen years and during his incumbency recovered the lands of Donaghmore which had been unjustly usurped by others. He died in 1472

Thomas Arthur, a native of the city of Limerick, succeeded in 1472 and died there in the year 1486.

Richard, appointed by Pope Innocent VIII died at Rome in 1486.

John Dunow, canon of Exeter, doctor of laws and then ambassador at Rome from King Henry VII, was appointed by the Pope in November 1486 and died there in the year 1488 before he had the opportunity of visiting his diocese.

John Folan, canon of Ferns, rector of Clonmore and procurator to Octavian, archbishop of Armagh at Rome, was promoted to the see of Limerick by the Pope on the 13th of May 1489. In the year following the citizens of Limerick repaired the nave of the cathedral of St. Mary's which was then fallen into great decay. The bishop John died on the 30th of January 1521.

John Coyn, or Quinn, a Dominican friar, was appointed by the Pope in 1522, who rejected Walter Wellesley the favorite candidate of King Henry VIII. John governed the see until April 1551 and then being blind and infirm resigned. John assisted at a synod held at Limerick AD 1524 by Edmond Butler archbishop of Cashel.

Hugh Lacy, canon of Limerick, was at the instance of Queen Mary advanced by the Pope to the see of Limerick in the year 1557 he resigned ie compelled to resign in 1571 and died in the year 1580. Hugh was grievously persecuted.

Mathew MacGrath died in 1623.

Richard Arthur presided in 1646.

Edmund O Dwyer succeeded. He attended the synod at Waterford and afterwards joined in the answer of the supreme council of the Catholics to the letter of the nuncio dissuading the peace with Lord Inchequin. Edmond died in exile in 1660.

James Dowley presided in 1687.

John Molony succeeded in 1688.

Cornelius O'Keeffe bishop in 1720, died in 1738.

Robert Lacy presiding in 1738, died in 1760.

Daniel Kearney in 1760 died in 1775.

Dionysius Conway in 1779 died 1796.

John Young in 1796 died 1813.

Charles Tuohy presided in 1815, died in 1828.

John Ryan, consecrated coadjutor in December 1825, succeeded in 1828.  Still sits in the see of Limerick.

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